Friday, July 10, 2009

UnQ's Quilt

My uncle, Q, lives in New York City. I'm pretty sure that in my family he's everyone's favorite uncle. And I'm also pretty sure that all his nieces and nephews are pretty sure that they, themselves, are his favorite. He's really got a talent for making everyone feel... well... like the favorite! That's one of the many traits he won from my Gramps in the gene pool lottery -- that, good looks, and SERIOUS creative talent.

One of the many things UnQ is good at is making quilts. (I feel certain that is in the blood, too.) He only recently got "the bug" and started feeling driven to make quilts. He has very little time for it, but is a self-proclaimed Underground Quilter -- because the only time he has a minute for piecing is on the subway!!

Here is a little hand-pieced beauty he mailed to me last summer so I could quilt it for him. Sadly I only just pin-basted it together today -- a whole year later. (Sorry, UnQ!) Now I have to decide how to quilt it. He sent a few design ideas, so I've got to mull them over and decide what to do!

Baby steps, right?

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