Friday, November 12, 2010

Tiny Stuff for Tiny Pets

My niece T is celebrating her birthday over the weekend, and I have had grand plans for her gift for months now! Like me, her mom collects tiny little stuffed animals. As for T, she has one specific pet that is special beyond any of the others: her pet cow she named Nostril.

Now. Nostril has all KINDS of creative adventures. Recently Nostril put on a tapdancing show for a bunch of little friends, who were all seated on tiny chairs. (The chairs are from the Jenga-like stacking game called "Chairs." The stage is a Littlest Pet Shop thing.) I also hear that Nostril enjoys wearing a little grass skirt, and a "night cap" borrowed from a Littlest Pet Shop. Nostril also enjoys going camping, sleeping in a sock sleeping bag.

Well, everyone knows I am a sucker for tiny things. So of course I had to make some little accessories for Nostril and pals! I started with some little sleeping bags -- no more sock sleeping bags necessary! -- and some party hats.

Then I raided my Barbies and picked out some glasses. They fit these little guys perfectly! Then I found some sparkly, ruffly sheer elastic trim stuff and created a tutu. Doesn't this ensemble look lovely on Ms. Hippo?

Teeny tiny! :o)

I had to get out some cocktail swords, which fit perfectly around the little pets' appendages. And then of course they needed eye patches! I simply folded tiny ovals of black felt over some small hair elastics and hand stiched them in place.

And then winter gear! Yeeeeeeeears ago, I bought a stripey lambswool scarf on clearance, not knowing what I would ever do with it. I never wore it; it just sat in the closet. A couple years ago I cut into it and made some hats and scarves for my freaky tall dolls, which was perfect. Well, it turns out that the scale of the stripes is just perfect for these little pets, too!

Last but not least -- T loves Red Riding Hood, and even dressed as Red for Halloween. What could be more perfect for Nostril than a tiny Red Riding Hood cape??

It was super simple to make -- I just whacked out a shape, sewed around it, added some ribbon trim and ties, and VOILA!

Oh, how I wish I could be there when T opens her package!


Anonymous said...

Very cute and clever, I am sure she will be delighted.

Anonymous said...

Such sweetness, it will be a precious surprise!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness that is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Anna said...

so cute, I love tiny things and tiny stuff animals. :)

Ms Muffin said...

Oh my, this is so adorable! She is gonna be so thrilled!!!!

Erica said...

so cute!!!

Billy said...

Super cute! Plus it reminded me of when my girl was little ... she had/has a puppy named Elbow.

Wendy said...

There will be good times for Nostril and pals!

Shari said...

Really adorable. What a wonderful gift!

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