Friday, May 1, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Tall Dolls

I really enjoy all things tiny, and just love to make doll clothes. Last summer I found these girls on clearance at KMart (nobody knows why, right? Oh yeah, they have FREAKISHLY long legs!!) and just had to have them all!

I then began obsessively creating clothes for them. Seriously, it was days straight of making tiny things for them! Here's a rundown of some of my favorite outfits.....

I love this career-type suit set. It's a wrap shirt with a jacket and (my favorite!) ruffled skirt. She also has slacks, so her wardrobe is very versatile.

I love making things out of other things. This outfit started life as a weird headband from a dollar store. Works much better as this cute two-piece outfit!

I collect fabric. Yes, it is an addiction. This is one of many, many, many fat quarters I have collected over time with no purpose other than "I really love it and have to have it!" Of course its occasion came, and it is perfect for her dress/scarf combination!

Can you say GREEN PLEATHER?! My mom had a couple yards of the stuff in her fabric collection. (Yes, I believe fabric hoarding is hereditary!) It is the perfect weight for doll clothes! I admit, this is my very favorite outfit on my favorite of the girls. She is also wearing a wrap shirt I made out of a very tiny scrap of fabric and a piece of ribbon.
I also made her hat and scarf out of a human-sized scarf I got on clearance at The Gap over ten years ago. Couldn't live without it, but never wore it. Looks great on this girl, though!

Oooh, this one is a recycle job that I almost hate to admit to! This was a very (very!) freaky pair of thong underwear. Yes, the sequin trim was on it too. And, yes, this is ALL the fabric there was in that one pair of underwear. Enough said.


thegardnerthree said...

this mad my day! i want to come play barbies with you, bad! I LOVE the thong outfit- mwahaha

Andrea Hardman said...

Who knew doll clothes could be so funny? My sewing machine and all that goes with it has been in storage for over 6 months now. I'm feeling the need to sew. Good thing we get it all out in two weeks!!!!!! Thanks for the link. I'll be back often.