Monday, November 1, 2010

Tiny Party Hats!

Today's Dollar Store Craft just kills me! My kids and I are obsessed with collecting tiny little stuffed animals. We have a great time playing with them and making them do all sorts of fun things. One of our favorite things to play (besides camping) is that they are having a birthday party, so of course they needed some tiny little birthday party hats!

So tiny!

I simply used some leftover party hats, a tiny hole punch, some clear tape, and this pattern.

Trace your pattern on the back side of an opened party hat and cut it out. When you tape, don't overlap your ends -- butt them against each other and use one piece of clear tape on the inside and one on the inside. Punch holes and thread the original hat's elastic through. Tie on either end, creating the length you need. Done!

I got carried away and made a couple dozen for our stuffed animals!
And this size works great for Barbie, too!


Callen said...

The bears look so cute with their hats!

Anonymous said...

Very cute and great way to recycle!

by Daisy said...

wow talk about tiny!

Ms Muffin said...

Wow, this is cute. Will have to try that with my daughter ... maybe I can get her to do this by herself ...

Emily said...

Wow! So adorable!!! Mind if I ask where you got the tiny pets?

Care said...

Hi Emily,

There are two brands I've been collecting... and my collection is not small! :o)

I started with Whimzy Pets, which are available at Walmart and sometimes ToysRUs. Sadly, their size has gone up and their quality has gone down.

The other brand, now my favorite!, is Only Hearts Pets. They are available at Shopko, ToysRUs, and even Bed, Bath and Beyond. SO stinking cute!

Hope that helps!

misterpiggy lee said...

Awesome! misterpiggy could sure use a hat like that!