Monday, November 29, 2010

QUICK Stocking Stuffer Ideas!!

I've been updating my buttons on the right sidebar (finally!), and have come across so many great projects I had completely forgotten about. So many of them are perfect for STOCKING STUFFERS -- so I decided to throw together a quick Stocking Stuffer Roundup!

Most are very quick projects, and all are very inexpensive.

Hope this helps you come up with some ideas for your Christmas project list!

Itty Bitty Oven Mitt Magnets

Juice Pouch Coin Purse

Rhinestone Bracelets from Shoelaces

Mini Duffel Bag


Ms Muffin said...

Oh, what a lovely list! Thanks so much!
I am especially loving those tiny oven mitts!!! So so cute! Now I have to decide who would be worthy enough to get something like that from me ... or I will just put them in my own stocking ... :-D Think someone will notice?
And your stamp tutorial!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! As soon as I get to the dollar store the next time I will stock up on erasers and try this! I love stamps - but they are SO expensive! I have tried some homemade stamps - reminds me that I wanted to post about this *argh* - but your version look so much better. Wonder whether this would work with words, too? Uuuh, can not wait ...

Jen said...

Great roundup of projects!

Anonymous said...

Love the new buttons and the list;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great stuff!

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Unknown said...

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