Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LOVES in the mail!

A little while back when I posted my US Map Quilt, one of the commenters, Hilde, mentioned she would like a world map panel and wondered if it was to be found. I happened to have one in my stash -- and there it had been sitting for at least a couple years. It wasn't doing anyone any good just sitting around all folded up, so I mailed it to her!

Well guess what! Today I found a little package from Hilde of Tantehilde in my mailbox -- with these gorgeous little cuts of fabric:

I love ALL of them, but I must confess -- the little birdies (top row, second fabric) and the green with apples are my favorites! And that fabric on the bottom right matches JellyBean's bedroom (as yet I have still not quite finished decorating in there...) -- I must incorporate that fabric in some little pillows to go on her "big girl" bed!

THANK YOU, Hilde! You've made my day that much brighter! :o)

Oh, and you MUST check out Hilde's dolls -- each one is different. I just LOVE all their little clothes!!


Summer Rae said...

What a nice surprise!

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Yay, surprises in the mail always make my day! And when it's fabric it's even

Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

That was a nice little treat for her to send! Beautiful fabrics! My favorite is flower-printed fabric in the middle of the top row, it looks like it has some pretty, girlie colors in it!

Cucicucicoo said...

i just discovered this blog, and i'm overwhelmed by all the amazing ideas here! you've just inspired me to do about 50 different projects! thanks so much :) lisa

tantehilde said...

oh I'm happy to see you like them!!

chanee said...

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