Monday, September 21, 2009

Houses for the 3 Pigs -- TUTORIAL

My 3 Little Pigs Tutorial is so long I had to break it up into two parts. You can find the instructions for the piggy and wolf finger puppets here!


(This is all stuff I had on hand -- you could certainly get creative and do your own thing! It would be fun to use cardboard or craft foam, real sticks for the stick house, yarn for hay, stamp on some bricks with a sponge, etc. This certainly isn't rocket science -- Be creative!)

~ Super stiff interfacing
~ Fabrics -- pick one each for hay, sticks, and brick
~ Scraps of fabric for doors, roofs, trim, etc.
~ Craft sticks
~ White glue
~ Other fabric for backing
~ Iron-on adhesive such as Heat N' Bond or Wonder Under
~ Print the house pattern located here, or make your own!

STEP ONE: Trace your house pattern onto your interfacing, and roughly cut around it in a square. (You don't need to draw the door on.)

STEP TWO: Cut a square of iron-on adhesive just smaller than your square, and iron it to the FRONT of your interfacing -- the side where you traced the house! Once you peel the paper backing off you will be able to see your lines. Cut your house out along the lines, and cut out the window.

STEP THREE: Lay your fabric face up on top of the adhesive side of your interfacing and press. (No photo of this -- sorry!) After it has cooled, cut around the fabric, leaving about 1/2" of excess fabric all around.

STEP FOUR: I am sure this is not an approved method for using Elmer's, but it worked for my project! I squeezed a little line of glue along each edge of the fabric and turned and pressed it onto the back of the house with an iron. Pressing dried the glue quickly, which created some very neat and tidy lines. When you get to the inside of the window, snip your fabric at an angle directly to each corner for easy turning and glue the same way.

You will then embellish the front however you choose, adding a door, roof, doorknob, etc.

STEP FIVE: Finish the back! Trace around your finished house, including the window, onto the paper side of your iron-on adhesive.

Press it to the wrong side of your backing fabric, and trim a scant 1/4" inside your drawn lines. (You will trim that line 1/4" OUTSIDE the window line -- which makes more sense when you look at the next photo!)

Peel off the paper backing and press it to the back of your house to finish it off!

Backs of houses

Fronts of houses!

I varied the shape a little bit for my wood and hay houses, and made them a little wonky. I wish I would have made the windows and roofs a little more crooked, though!

Now all you need to do is hot glue your craft sticks to the backs, get out your wolfie and piggies, and you are ready to play!

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