Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pattern Download Trouble?

I've received some comments and emails that people have been having all kinds of trouble downloading my Angry Birds and other patterns. I believe I have corrected the problem. If any of you continue to have trouble with it, please please please let me know! My patterns are intended to be FREE, with easy access!


Anonymous said...

You are so nice to share your patterns for free;) And even nicer to fix them when they are not quite working right. Sometimes the internet is having a bad day and patience is required;)

makincrafts said...

I've been wanting to download the Angry Birds patterns but I am not sure how to use Scribd. It asks for me to sign in to facebook when I do it wants me to allow it to be able to post to my wall. I am not comfortable with that. Is there another way to sign in to scribd without using my facebook account?

Care said...

You can sign in without using facebook -- just tell it you don't have a facebook account! :o)

Best of luck!

Blogger said...

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