Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rubik's Cube -- The Ottoman!

Project #2 in my Rubik's Cube series!

Yes! It's true! I upsized my Squishy Rubik's Cube into a 16" ottoman! I created it for my brother J. Clark's birthday. (He can actually SOLVE The Cube! Well, not this one -- a functional one!)

What You Need:

~ Rubik's cube (for reference)
~ stickers (for labeling your cube)
~ 14.5" ottoman (you can adjust measurements to fit any cube ottoman)
~ 1 yard black cotton duck cloth -- prewashed, dried, and pressed!
~ 1/8 yard fleece in each of the colors: red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and white
~ 1 1/2 yards fusible webbing (I used the "light" version)
~ glue stick
~ clear monofilament thread

STEP ONE: Cut your duck cloth. I cut five 15.75" squares.
Here's the breakdown: Sewing on all the colored squares takes up some of the give in your fabric. I added a total of 1.25" to the original measurement of my ottoman, which was 14.5". For my ottoman, this was the perfect amount to end up with 1/2" seam allowances. Please note that you may need to adjust these measurements.

STEP TWO: Label your cube! Find an interesting configuration of the cube, then label five sides. You will not be creating the sixth side -- the bottom of the cube.

STEP THREE: Figure out how many squares of each color you need to cut. This is easy -- look at your sixth side and for each color subtract those squares from the original nine you would have if you were doing the entire cube.

STEP FOUR: Cut your fusible webbing into strips 4.5" wide. Fuse the appropriate amount (do a little math after figuring out how many squares of each color you need) to your fleece.

STEP FIVE: Using a ruler and a pencil, draw lines to create 4" squares on your fusible webbing.

STEP SIX: Cut them out!

STEP SEVEN: (I sewed four of my black squares into a row using a 1/2" seam allowance before laying out and fusing my colored squares, but you can do what makes the most sense to you.) I created a paper template to make my layout as accurate as possible. To fuse: After peeling the paper backing from each square, use a glue stick to temporarily hold the squares in place.

Gently remove the paper template,

carefully turn the whole thing over, and press from the BACK. (You cannot get enough heat to the fusible webbing when pressing from the front of the fleece.)

STEP EIGHT: Using monofilament thread, sew along the edges of the squares. I simply sewed a series of straight lines all the way through each row. Since the thread is clear, there is no need to stop and start at the end of each fleece square.

STEP NINE: Complete construction of your ottoman cover much the same way as the I-Spy Blocks/Storytelling Dice, steps 6 and 7 -- except you are adding the top, not the bottom.

STEP TEN: Put your cover on your ottoman and pin the hem. Carefully press around the pins.

STEP ELEVEN: Tuck the raw edge in all the way to your pressed edge and sew close to the upper fold.

Your cube is complete! Kick your feet up on it, bust out your original Cube, and let the geekiness begin!


Nikki said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I a Rubik's cube cake for a friend of mine...nothing says 80's like a Rubik's cube!!!!!!! :)

Anne said...

Oh, WOW. Seriously, that is REALLY COOL!!! I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


Su said...

You didn't!!! That is just insane. Insanely awesome, that is!

Paula said...

This is 14 year old collects and can solve all sorts of cubes. This will be a great Christmas present!

J. Clark said...

Hehe, it WAS a present for me, until my kitty comandeered it! She loves to sleep on it. She's conquered the Rubik's cube in a way only a kitty could!

J.Clark said...

Wow, this is amazing looking! It's perfect! Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be linking.

Cecily said...

That is just awesome! Great tutorial and a great idea - thanks a TON!

db said...

way cool!

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