Friday, June 11, 2010

I-Spy the THIRD -- WRAPUP!

Here are the final fabrics for I-Spy Swap the Third!

This has been an EXCELLENT swap -- I can't wait to start seeing fabrics come in for Swap Quatro!

from Brooke... LOVING the pirate treasure maps and the bats!

from Erin... some are not complete sets, so not everyone gets each one of these, BUT -- I am LOVING the weirdo vegetables and the cars!

from Melissa -- my favorites are the bugs and the fairies!

from another Melissa... the sunglasses are to die for, but -- THE BUFFALO!! There were other animals from that print, too! LOVE!

from Natalie... hot air balloons are near and dear to my heart, and I am in love with that cupcake print -- I'd never seen it before!

from Rebecca... anchors are hot around here, and that turtle print just makes me smile!

from Renee... that bug print!! And puzzles!!

and, from ME... I could NOT pass up the utensils and the sharks!

I'm so thrilled to have everything in and distributed into piles!
I got everything packaged up last night and hope to make it to the post office sometime today!


eatrunliveCBUS said...

So excited to begin my quilt! I sent off my next set of swaps yesterday!

Country Girl in the City said...

Can't wait for that package to arrive in the mail!!!! So excited!

torri said...

I'm new to your site...and would love to do an i-spy quilt! I don't know how it works! Can anyone join? Are there certain fabrics you use?

Anonymous said...

Looks fun!

Suzi said...

Love it! Are you going to do a 5th one? I just shy of making the 4th.