Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I-Spy Swap Cuatro -- fabrics received!

First up, Swap A:

from Heather -- LOVING the scissors and the glasses!

from Kristin -- that bike print is SO cute -- and I love the seahorses and kitchen items!

from Laura -- I always love a good hot air balloon print, but those POPSICLES! Fantastic!!

from Sian -- DEFINITELY loving the ballerinas and the beach!

from Susan -- classic safety pins, and I love the lollipops.

And for Swap B:

from Amanda -- love the soccer balls and the animals!

from Emily -- I've been tempted by those spiders (love!), and the tiny gingerbread men are classic!

from Jill -- loving the crayons and the cakes!

from Kelly -- OREOS! And cakes!

from Mandi -- the picnic baskets are perfect, and I love that money print!

from Susan -- I loooooove that little girl print at the top left, and the popsicles!

Keep getting those fabrics in, Swappies! I can't wait to get them divided up and back out in the mail!


Marilyn said...

I almost bought the scissor one today. Glad I didn't!!!

Susan said...

So many fun fabrics! What a great start!!!

kelly said...

hooray! glad it arrived safely :) i can't wait to get my i-spy quilt made!

Stevens Family said...

I'm kind of confused (it's not hard to do) Are we getting one square from both swap A and B - or just from one group or the other?
I am loving the fabrics. You will be getting mine any day now!

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