Monday, April 19, 2010

1st Quilt Ever -- Cutting the Fat Quarter Version

By request, here are the super quick directions on how to cut your squares from Fat Quarters for the borderless version of our quilt. (I briefly talked about this version at the end of this post.)

Lay your fabric so the 18" edge is at the top. Cut across at 6" intervals. You will have a leftover 4" strip at the bottom -- set it aside so you can save it for your scrap bin or another for another project. Cut vertically at 6" intervals. Ta-da! Nine 6" squares! Repeat for your other eight fat quarters and you will have 81 6" squares.


Megan said...

That wasn't so hard!! ;0)
I actually figured it out on my own yesterday--
I am sooo proud of myself LOL!!
But since I wanted to make the "full size" quilt, will I need a total of 92 6" squares? I have some other fabric to use for additional squares.

Meg said...

Thanks for the great cutting tip. I want to start my first quilt soon and this tip will help me a bunch. Thanks for the followup :)

Garilyn S said...

I had some trouble with my fat quarters not being 18" wide. I did the best I could at getting them "close" to 6". One of the fq's was so off, I will need to get another to make 3 more squares.