Monday, February 22, 2010

I-Spy Swap 2.0 Wrapup

Here are the final I-Spy fabrics from Swap 2.0!

from Nikki -- I am in LOVE with those gummy bears and fire hats!

from Christine -- pegasus unicorns! and crabs!

and from me! -- I love the popcorn and pretzels, but I have to admit the TRUCKS are my very favorite!

It's been a very successful swap! I need a little bit of "recovery" time, but I will definitely be hosting another I-Spy fabric swap. I'm looking forward to it!


Crystal Hendrix said...

i love all the blocks, but I am kinda confused on what to do with them! I know I want to make a blanket, but I don't think I have enough and if i make one for one kids I will have to make two one for each child!

Can I participate in more than one i spy swap??

Susan said...

I am so excited! So many squares, so many fabrics! Time to get sewing! Yeah for the I-spy swap! Thanks for hosting it Care, you are the best!

Alisha said...

I'm new around here, so I didn't get in on the last swap. Can't wait for the next one!

Ms Muffin said...

Can't wait! Am checking my mailbox each day with tembling fingers! :-D