Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mini Christmas Scene

A couple weeks ago I read this post on Filth Wizardry (you will find numerous GENIUS ideas for projects to do with your kids there!) about combining Lego with cardstock and a hole punch. Brilliant, I tell ya! Well, last week my boys were in serious need of a project, so I broke out my supplies. This is what we came up with:

I drew some quick pictures and had the boys color them (they were mostly interested in coloring the trees -- do you like Mr. S's blue spruce?), then busted out the hole punch and went crazy. They had a great time decorating their Christmas trees, then they hung their tiny stockings. So cute, so fun!

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Lindsey said...

Really cool to see you having fun with this too! Thank you for saying such nice things about our blog. I've had the kids using the teensy lego bits to decorate card christmas trees too! I like the idea with the stockings hanging :)