Friday, December 11, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Christmas Quilts!

Growing up, my mom's family had a special Christmas quilt my mom's mother had made. One of the family traditions was to get out the Christmas quilt the day after Thanksgiving.

Here it is: Her name, and each of her siblings, is embroidered in yarn on a square somewhere on the quilt. There are also little Christmas-y motifs embroidered here and there. I just love all the colors and textures!

Check out the pom-poms!!

My grandma later made Christmas quilts for each of her children's families. This one is my aunt's family's Christmas quilt, also made by my grandma. You can tell by the fabrics that this one came a little later than my mom's:

Love that embroidery between each square!

I don't have a photo of my family's quilt, but it is very similar to the first one pictured. I'm pretty sure it even had a few of the same fabrics. One year my mom continued the Christmas quilt tradition, making each of her children's families a Christmas quilt of their own. Mine disappeared shortly thereafter -- I think it went home with someone else by accident! :o( I hope it turns up!!

In the meantime, I have started collecting fun and interesting fabrics to make another for my family -- and, one day, a quilt for each of my kids' families!


Unknown said...

What a great tradition to carry on!

Elizabeth said...

So awesome! I love the rag-tagedness of the first one so much.

Vicki said...

what a great idea! I love the old quilt with the polyester squares. Love. it.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful quilts and heirlooms. Such fantastic quilts to bring out at Christmas Time. Hope yours turns up eventually - it must be very upsetting that it has gone missing. Shell x

6 Berries said...

OK, seriously, you have way too many cool ideas. Now I have to make a Christmas quilt. Until now I've avoided most holiday decor sewing and been able to focus on gifts, now forget it.

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