Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pot Holder Clutch/Wallet -- TUTORIAL

Today's project is a quick little pot holder clutch or wallet with pockets and a divider. It's easy!


~ two pot holders (mine were 2/$1 at the dollar store!)
~ matching zipper and/or button

STEP ONE: Overlap your pot holders as shown.

STEP TWO: Fold down center to see how your clutch/wallet will look. (The loop goes on the BACK side.) You will have an outside pocket as well as an inside pocket or divider! Mark the fold with pins or a disappearing ink marker.

STEP THREE: (Optional!) Open and sew down the center of your outside "pocket" down to the marked center (bottom) line of your clutch/wallet. This will create two outside pockets -- perfect for receipts, chapstick, etc!

STEP FOUR: (If you are skipping the zipper, go to Step Seven.) Unzip your zipper and sew on front side of your clutch/wallet, much like Step Two here. You can attach it to just the top edge if you like, but I wanted mine to curve over the edges a little so it would open wider.

STEP FIVE: Zip your zipper shut, and pin it in place on the opposite side of your clutch/wallet. This is where you will decide whether you want the loop on the outside so you can button your clutch/wallet shut, or...

...on the inside to hook your keys onto.
Sew zipper in place.

This is what it will look like. You're almost done!

STEP SIX: Zip your zipper shut.

STEP SEVEN: Fold the loop over to the front and mark where your button will go, then unzip and sew button in place.

STEP EIGHT: Cut off excess zipper, leaving about 3/4" length.

Tuck the end in as shown.

Pinch edges together. Using a needle and thread, sew a few stitches to ensure your zipper tab won't zip right off the end. Tie a knot, but don't cut your thread.

STEP NINE: Continue stitching down the side of your clutch/wallet, tucking the inside edges of the pot holder inside and sewing just the outer edges together for a clean finish. Repeat on other side.

You now have a little clutch/wallet with a divider on the inside...

...and two pockets on the outside!


Stitchnmom said...

I am loving all of these potholder ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Melissa said...

All of your potholder ideas are ingenious! So cool. Thanks for sharing!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Love the potholder ideas! So simple and fun.

Allison said...

That looks great and I love that it has pockets on the outside!

Melissa said...

Perfect! This couldn't have come at a better time. I just bought a big mommy-bag/purse that is so cute and I just love! I have been frustrated with the clutter inside because there aren't any dividers or pockets. Now I'll have a perfect organizer for all my purse stuff so that maybe I'll be able to find my keys a little quicker. Thanks for sharing your genious with the world! :D said...

You are the potholder queen! I love it!

Amnah said...

Wow! I'll never look at pot holders the same. Oh the possibilites. I'm going to try the seat belt covers.

I made the art apron that you had posted a while back. It was so easy and came out so cute. Thanks for the tutorial! You can see it here:

Maria and Michelle said...

I love this idea and may use it for some Christmas gifts this year! Perfect tutorial! (Maria)

Krista said...

That is just crazy. If I owned a sewing machine ... if I knew how to sew ... I'd to ALL over these puppies!

ArTeSaNiC´a said...

Me encanta lo que haces , pero podrian poner un traductos en la pagina para que sea mas facil entender las explicaciones?

kristen mcashan said...

thanks for this awesome tutorial!! loved it. did it. check it. :)


jessbwr8 said...

I love this! thank you so much for posting this. I made the "without" a zipper, SO easy that I may attempt the zipper next time. Zippers scare me but, you have such great detailed instructions. I may make some as gifts, spreading the word about your great blog!