Monday, November 16, 2009

Lacing Cards -- TUTORIAL

My son is obsessed with my pincushion. Always has been. His most recent favorite project is to take whatever randomly threaded needle that has been left in the pincushion and "sew" it through my pincushion, using every last inch of thread, until it's so tight that the end of the needle is left barely sticking out. Time for a project that will be more fun and rewarding:

Lacing Cards!

What you'll need:

~ something to lace -- there are lots of possibilities at the dollar store!
~ drill with 1/4" or 3/16" bit
~ shoelaces or ribbon

I started with this dollar store door sign, removing the wire first.

I first drilled through the original holes that the wire was threaded through, making them larger, then continued around the edges of the flower.

I gave the backs of the holes a quick little sand.

Then I busted out my dollar store shoelaces (8 pair of assorted lengths for a buck!) and let my boys go to town.

Here's another version -- a "paint-your-own wall plaque," also from the dollar store.

Same method, except I first had to remove those tiny little rivets.

There are lots of ways to lace these cards!
(I considered -- briefly -- painting this one, but ultimately decided I liked the simpleness of the plain wood. Besides, the laces are the decoration!)

You could always bust out your Sharpies to decorate your shoelaces, if you want a little more color.

Or, break out some grosgrain ribbon and wrap the ends with packing tape!

I tell ya, these little cards are addicting! It's fun to try and make shapes or letters by crisscrossing the center!

These are definitely going to come in handy on road trips or at church!


Erin said...

Fabulous! I'm ready to make some!

Lynn said...

What a great idea. I'm going to try these for my two year old. He might not quite be ready for them, but he can try. He likes threading beads onto pipe cleaners. Thanks!

Elise Edwards said...

I love this! And my son will too - sounds like he's got a lot in common with your son... He could play with needle and thread for hours. Thanks for the inspiration here - you've got your mojo :)

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Oh too brilliant! I've tried this with foam, but they are just too filmsy. These little wood shapes are the answer!!!!!!!!!!!

Mad in Crafts said...

I need to make some of these for my son for church. At least he didn't shout "ALL DONE?" after the sermon this week.

Passing the Kreativ Blogger Award on to you! Check my blog for the image and rules.

Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for coming and saying hello on our blog. I've never been to your blog before and I'm really enjoying the posts you've made. Lots of the things you have thought to do and repurpose really appeal to me! I'll get and add you to my rss feed! I'm really looking forward to having a working sewing machine in the new year and trying some of the things you have made!

Regina said...

These are great. I plan to make some for my grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.

Regina said...

Congratulations! You have been featured on my Fan Friday Blog Crush At the Lake. You can check out the post here:

Also, be sure to grab a button for your site.