Friday, October 23, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Green & Gold Quilt

This little baby-sized quilt is made entirely of 2 1/2" cut squares my uncle mailed to me. They were leftovers from a quilt he made. He's got an eye for color!

It was fun to lay out the design with only the squares I had. I really wanted it to be symmetrical. It was a lot of trial and error, but it was lots of fun to figure out a way to make it work!

I quilted it all over with this swoopy loopy bumpy pattern that ended up looking like...


Hmmm... I forgot about that quilting pattern. I'm going to have to do it again someday!

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Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

I really wish I had a quilt, I see so many beautiful ones that you sew-talented ladies come up with.

This is really lovely, and the pattern is very nice! :)