Monday, October 12, 2009

Customized Rubiks Cube

It was my husband's birthday a couple weeks ago. He is a fan of Rubiks cubes, so when I found this one at the dollar store I knew I needed to do something with it to make a great Rubiks gift for him. I decided to turn it into a customized photo cube!

First I peeled off all those ridiculous stickers. (Did you ever "solve" the cube as a kid by peeling off the stickers and sticking them back on in the "right" places? Ha!!)

Choose photos that will fit in the space you need. Find out how you will need to cut them by measuring one of the original stickers from your cube. Multiply that number by three, and you will have the measurement for the "full" size you need to cut your photo. Then cut your photo into the smaller squares (the original sticker measurement).

I used ModPodge to adhere my photos. Icoated one side of the cube, then centered each photo piece.

One more layer of ModPodge over the top, and I was ready to let it dry.

After it dried I needed to take an Xacto to the seams to remove the stretchy dried ModPodge in between photo squares. It actually shifts pretty nicely!

This works better as a conversation or art piece than as a puzzle you would actually want to attempt solving (don't want all those picture pieces to fall off!), but I sure like how it looks!

UPDATE: It was just called to my attention that there is another (better!) Rubiks cube tutorial out there. Check out Anne's version here!


Vicky said...

So cute

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

My husband loves Rubiks cubes as well, I'll have to make him one of these for Christmas. What a great idea!

Summer Rae said...

Cute idea!

ARTwendy ... said...

That is awesome!
Aren't you the clever one!

Susan said...

Such a great inspiration for a kids project! I've seen these types of things before, but I like how you kept it so simple and easy! It makes me want to do one with my kids!

ParisMaddy said...

I love this idea. It looks easy and cute.

growgardengrow said...

Why do you think the other tutorial is better? I think yours is.

Unknown said...

What kind of mod podge did you use?

Care said...

just plain ol' regular mod podge -- although I am NO EXPERT on mod podge! there is probably a better option! :o)

margie said...

I think this is a very cool and clever idea. I also checked out the other tutorial and I agree with growgardengrow that yours is better also. Thanks :-)

Unknown said...

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Elissa said...

What kind of paper is the picture on? Plain or picture paper

Unknown said...

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