Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweet Doll Blanket -- TUTORIAL

I really love a good project that I can finish in one sitting with super cute results. Today I'll show you how I made some quick little doll blankets without measuring border pieces, but you could certainly use these same instructions to make a baby blanket. My favorite part of these blankies is the little fakey binding edge. It's such a cute detail!


~ three coordinating flannels (or two if you don't do the fakey binding edge)
~ rotary cutter, ruler and mat
~ iron
~ sewing machine

GETTING STARTED: (These are measurements to make my doll blanket, which ended up 16"x20")
Cut main flannel (monkeys) 12"x18"
Cut two strips border flannel (pink) 2 1/2"x44" - piece together to make one long strip
Cut two strips "binding" flannel (orange) 1"x44" - piece together to make one long strip (OPTIONAL)
You also need backing fabric at least 18"x22" -- which happens to be FAT QUARTER size!

Step One: Line up your border fabric with one edge of your main flannel, with approximately 3/4" overhang at the TOP (where my finger is pointing in the photo).

Step Two: Sew along the edge, stopping about 2" from the end. Cut your border off leaving approximately 4" overhang at the end.

Step Three: Press approximately the first six inches.

Step Four: Trim away the excess from the "top" of the strip. (This ensures that your next line to sew is straight.)

Step Five: Turn your blanket clockwise once so the first border you sewed on is at the bottom. Line up your pink border fabric the same way you did in step one and sew all the way down. Press and trim both sides of this strip. Repeat this step for the third border.

Step Six: Pull the end of the first border you sewed on out of the way and line up your pink strip the same way you did in step one. Sew all the way down, press, and trim both sides.

Step Seven: Finish sewing the first border. Press and trim. The top of your blanket is done!

Step Eight: Lay your blanket top face down on your backing fabric. (You haven't cut this yet!) Pin approximately 1 1/2" inside the edge of the blanket all the way around. Cut the backing fabric with at least 1" extra fabric around the edges of the blanket top. (This gives you a little extra room!)

(If you aren't doing the little fakey binding edge, skip to step 10.)
Step Nine: Press your "binding" fabric with the wrong side inside all the way along the strip.

Step Ten: Line up your "binding" strip about 1/3 of the way down from one corner with the folded edge inside and the raw edges along the edge of your blanket top. Start sewing approximately 3" PAST the end of the binding so there is a 3" end of the "binding" unattached. (This will probably make more sense when you get to Step Twelve.)

Step Eleven: This is the tricky part! You are going to round off your corners slightly. When you get about 1" from the corner, stop with your needle down and lift the presser foot. Start turning your "binding" piece. Put the presser foot back down, take a few stitches, then stop, lift the presser foot and repeat. Make sure the edge of your foot runs along the edge of where your binding lies. Do this until you get all the way around the corner.

Step Twelve: After you get around the last corner and back to the beginning of your "binding," stop sewing a few inches ahead of the first end. (See photo.) Swing the two ends out from each other at a slight angle, and finish sewing. This is the easiest way to finish the ends of your "binding."

Remember: You have sewn all the way around the blanket without leaving a hole to turn it right side out.

Step Thirteen: Remove pins and trim the edges of your backing to match the top, cutting slightly closer around the corners for easier turning.

Step Fourteen: Using a seam ripper or sharply pointed scissors, cut the stitching on one of your edges between the center fabric and the border approximately 4". This is the hole through which you will turn your blanket.

Step Fifteen: Press the edge of your blanket.. (One bonus of your fakey binding is that it makes it much easier to get a crisp edge -- just pull on it as you press!) Topstitch around your blanket next to the binding first, then around the border, closing up the hole. I go right near the edge -- less than 1/8".

You're done!

Something else to try: Use rick-rack instead of the fakey binding for an extra fun detail!


Heather - said...

Love the fakey binding! Rick-rack would be great, too.

Tammy said...

So cute, I agree ric rac would be nice.

Anne said...

this is such a great idea!! It's basically put together like a pillow (without the stuffing) but it looks like a quilt.

I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


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