Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pants for JellyBean

It seems that JellyBean is short on pants yet again. Time to whip some up!

First I took a pair of pants (the only ones that fit!) that look super cute on her, and created a pattern from them. Then I took an old pair of my pajama pants that have shrunk over time and now look like ridiculous floods:

(ouch -- really bad photo, sorry!)

And made some for JellyBean: I utilized the original hem and drawstring, and used a strip of T-shirt to create the waistband.

Speaking of that T-shirt: I also created these cute little lounge pants from a dollar store "seconds" T-shirt. My local thrift stores seem to have fairly high prices, even for used clothing items. (Other non-clothing items generally seem to be priced much better.) I prefer snatching up dollar store T-shirts when they pop up because they cost less than thrifted shirts. Nothing like harvesting "new" materials from super inexpensive sources!! The only problem? They are always solid colors.

Guess I've got to keep looking at yard sales for cute thrifted items! What will I do when summer is over and yard sales are no more??

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