Friday, August 7, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Unfinished Paper Collage

I started this collage earlier this year. I've spent hours on it already, cutting each piece from my vintage 1960's home decor magazines. The backing is a flat wooden frame with the Declaration of Independence pasted onto it -- from a thrift store, of course. I really love how it has turned out so far, but I am (obviously) at a point where I don't know what to do next. Three things:

1. WHAT do I do for the background (besides that fabulous carpet)?

2. Do I really need to put a face on her (me)?

3. Does the sewing machine really look as dumb as I think it does?

I've been carefully setting this atop the highest shelves, out of reach of little hands, for MONTHS so that it doesn't get shredded. I've got my ModPodge ready to go, but I can't put any of it together until I get that background taken care of!! Since the rest of it is made from those vintage magazines, don't I have to continue with the same medium?

I really want to get this up on the wall in my new sewing room!



tea and cake said...

Hi, I found you via wardrobe refashion. I think this is finished! Unless you just leave it on the top shelf unless that 'lightbulb moment' and enjoy it as is for now, if you want to add anything to it. It's lovely.

UnQ said...

Care --

I think this is looking great! No need for a face. The background is good the way it is - if it were any more complicated it would just confuse the silhouette of the foreground figure.

And I like the sewing machine shape -- it's looking good. I would just add a few simple details like a spool of thread. And a switch on the end?

Maybe a small something on the table to the left of the machine? A refreshing era-appropriate drink? A sewing basket? A tomato-style pin cushion? Measuring tape? Something small and simple.

Good job!

mrs. ho said...

wow, i think it's fantastic/barbaric/wrong/hilarious/i dunno that you did this on top of the declaration of independence.

it looks fabulous, tho--don't change anything, even the declaration of independence base.

mrs. ho said...

ps I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! i'm working on my very own first quilt ever right now, thank you very much. you are amazingly creative and thrifty, and i am obsessively obsessed with your endless ideas--thank you!