Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Craft Hope, Project 4 -- Sock Monkey Tip!

The current project for Craft Hope is sock monkeys. These little monkeys will be heading to child burn victims at a camp called Little Heroes Preschool Burn Camp. Read more on the project here.
I got started on my first monkey today! Here she is:

(Not a fantastic photo; sorry!)
Obviously she is not finished. I see her as quite a Diva Monkey. She will be fully accessorized!!

Stuffing those long arms, legs, and tails is a bit of a nuisance. My genius designer uncle, Quentin Webb, is the creator of KnitWits, creatures created from socks by Little Miss Matched. A while back he was featured on the Martha Stewart Show, demonstrating how he makes them. One part in particular is quite helpful in the stuffing of the long limbs, helping to eliminate lumpiness and get them stuffed more quickly and easily.

Find the link here. You should find the limb-stuffing tips around the two minute mark.

Good luck!

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Tammy said...

What a sweet Diva. Thanks for the tips : )