Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Few Things....

I may have mentioned this before, but... A few friends on my street and I get together once a week to do "craft day." (I guess that's what you'd call it!) We rotate houses and teach each other something that we know how to make. We have done bracelets, aprons, etching, and -- this week we made sundresses! This was the one I made. It will soon be shipping out to one of my nieces! I made a headband to match, but don't have a photo. This dress was a stashbuster!!

JellyBean's towel has already started coming apart. My solution? Well, since I am a Quilting Mama, here it is!

I whacked off the two finished ends and slapped on a binding made from some quilting fabric scraps! Ta-da! Usable once more without coming apart or snagging little fingers!

Here's an update on the quilt I started (again) a few days ago. I went ahead and pieced all the squares together, real boring-like and FAST, after I found out one of my good friends from high school is in the hospital again. She has had very poor health since we graduated. I actually have not seen her since graduation, but we've kept in touch through snail-mail over the years. She lives miles and miles away from where I am, but this quilt is destined for her! I quilted it with an all-over stipple. I tell you, my machine was practically smoking by the time I finished quilting it! The binding is attached; I just have to hand finish it tonight while I watch a movie! Then on Monday it will be in the mail, on its way to cheer Jen!


Birdie said...

I hope your friend feels better soon! I loved the little sundress. I've been eying the shirred fabric section at Hancock Fabric but haven't gotten any yet. This looks really simple to make. Thanks for sharing.

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