Thursday, March 19, 2009


So my sister-in-law Susan and I have been obsessed with making these fabulous little baby toys her daughter nicknamed "goof-balls." They are simply fabric balls with little ribbon "taggies" sewn into the seams. They are amazingly addictive to make, and to play with, and are a fantastic way to use up those ridiculously small scraps of flannel and ribbon you just couldn't make yourself get rid of. Just this week we had the genius idea of making a tiny version, and they are even more fun! Little babies have an easier time getting a hold on the smaller ones, too. I recently got a bag of ribbon "short cuts" from J. Caroline Creative. I had no idea what I would be using the ribbon for, I just couldn't resist getting it. These balls were the perfect project!! Now I need to go order a couple more bags of ribbon!! As for my family, my boys love to use them for "goof-ball fights," which is perfect because they can run around like crazies chucking things at each other, and no one gets injured! But really, does my little family truly need more than a dozen of these things?

Answer: YES!

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Jennifer said...

Those are really cute! My baby would love them, but how do you make them?