Monday, November 8, 2010

I-Spy Swap FIVE -- More Fabrics Received!!

More for Group A!

from Amanda
I love those whales on the bottom left, and the cute animals on the bottom right!

from Becky
Those doggies are fun, and my daughter will love the paw prints!

from Bree
Loving the sock monkeys, bananas, and beach balls!

from Connie
Those bees are FANTASTIC, and I love the fun strawberries!

from Jen
two kinds of cute ladybugs, and I love the little cherries!

from Manda
I looooooove those keys, but the measuring tapes are my FAVORITE!

from Melissa
I'm dying over the pins and thread, but I am in love with the vehicle print!

Only a few more packages to go for Swap A -- I will update on Swap B soon!


Sarah said...

I am curious how the swap will work. Will we recieve fabric from the group we are in or the other group. I am in group B. Just curious.

Manda said...

Great minds think alike? I actually bought the cowboy hat print and decided not to send it. And I have the ladybugs, and I started to get the black and white dogs. I went to a "real" fabric store to see what I could find, and got the spools of thread. I was sure no one else would have that one!

ro said...

where do ppl find these great fabrics? my quilt shops don't have anything this fabulous :(

craftytammie said...

how did i miss joining this swap?! if you need a sub, please let me know, i have some fab ISpy squares already cut needing a good home.

Katie said...

craftytammie, I agree! I came so close to joining this one on time!! I want to play!

Care said...

Katie! Send me an email!!!!!!