Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I-Spy Swap FIVE -- Swap B Fabrics!!

At last -- some of the fabrics that have come in for Swap B!

from Brandi
I love the tractors and horses!

from Catherine
I love the ghosties and cats!

from Christine
Ooooo! Dinosaurs! Cars! PIANOS!!

from Crescent
I love the duckies and boats!

from Emily
I loooove those funny pigs, and the Monopoly money!!

from Kelly
I love the cars and umbrella frogs!

from Kiersten
She's a genius! She carefully picked out some of the harder letters to find I-Spies for: Jewels, Quails, Umbrellas, Violins, Watermelon, Yarn, Zebras!

from Kristina
I love the tree frogs and peppermints!

from Laurel
I love the tiny bees, and -- gasp! -- the glasses!!

from Michelle
I love the windows and instruments!

from Sarah
Ooo! Broccoli and raspberries!


sandandstarfish said...

If I were you... I'd ask for 1 extra square so that you could keep it for yourself :) There are soooo many cute ones that were sent in!

Cammie said...

I love those peppermints and the windows are killing me!

Susan said...

Finally arrived is right! My kind mailman knocked on the door to deliver 8 packages yesterday! Both his bag and arms were full! It was like Christmas! Can't wait to get the rest so I can share the joy!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting, can't wait to see some more;) Thanks you for posting all of these.