Monday, December 7, 2009

EASY Doll Pants, Socks, Hat, Scarf! -- TUTORIAL

Today I want to show you how I completely outfitted my 18" doll (who I got for a buck at the thrift store!!) using all dollar store or on-hand items -- and I made them ALL during ONE of JellyBean's naps! No patterns, no measuring, no stress!

This poor girl has been sitting on my top shelf, in the buff, for months! Time to get her dressed; she's been looking so cold and lonely up there!

First: a shirt!
I started with this WEIRD "rearview mirror T-shirt" I found at one of the more obscure dollar stores nearby. (Yes, it does say "My other car is a piece of junk." That was one of the tamer quotes! I plan to cover that weirdness with something cute at some point in the future.)

I simply cut it straight down the back and added velcro. Easy! She looks more comfortable already.

Next up: Pants!
I used a pair of outgrown baby pants.
STEP ONE: Put the pants on your doll, inside-out. Pin around her legs to make the pants fit, as shown in the photo, using the original elastic waistband. This particular waistband is a little bit bulky, but it works fine.
(This is the same method as my Baby Jammies to Doll Jammies tutorial.)

STEP TWO: Carefully remove the pants, sew where you pinned, and put them back on the doll to check the fit. If everything looks okay, go ahead and trim away the excess. (I ended up going back to raise the crotch of the pants just a little for a better fit.)

STEP THREE: Fold up the bottoms of the pants and pin in place.

STEP FOUR: Carefully sew the hem. If your pants are made from a stretchy fabric, avoid stretching it as you sew, or you will end up with a wonky-looking hem. I pinned my hem high so I wouldn't have to worry about removing pins as I sewed, and I sewed from the inside (which was the "right" side!) of the pants. See photo if this sounds confusing!

STEP FIVE: Trim away the excess fabric from your hem, and the pants are done!

Next up: Knee-High Socks!
I got my ankle socks on the dollar aisle at Target. Ankle socks are also available at the dollar store.

STEP ONE: Same idea again! Put an inside-out sock on your doll and pin around. I stretched it around the ankle area to make it fit closely.

STEP TWO: Sew around and trim, and you are done! I love how this pair ended up with white toes and heels -- just like big people's socks!!

And, last but not least, the hat and scarf! This one is a Dollar Store Crafts Exclusive, though -- so you'll have to go there for the Doll Hat and Scarf Tutorial!


Heather - said...

She's so cute and schmancy - she looks like a LOT more than just a dollar store dolly now! My very favorite of all her nice new clothes are the SOCKS!!! Love me some argyle.

Thank you for doing such awesome dollar store crafting.

homehearthappiness said...

What a great idea. I had thought about making some clothes for my girls dolls for Christmas and just love the idea of the trousers - so simple. Thanks for sharing! x

Tonya said...

So that is how you do it without a pattern? I actually have been making clothes for two american girl dolls this week...I gave up and got a pattern...although I did make some before the pattern, but I just felt my measurements weren't quite right. Wish I saw this last week. LOL

I did use dollar store stuff though...after buying my expensive of the favorites I made was from a dollar store teatowel paired with a dollar store sweater...LOVE IT! Dollar store ROCKS!

Marilyn said...

Love it! She looks great and seems so easy! Thanks for sharing.

a girl in a gorilla suit said...

wonderful daughters [naked] dolls just might get some clothes now! haha

thank you for sharing! :)

6 Berries said...

This is great! I've made my girls dolls, then never have time to make cloths, so cruel I know, but now they'll be the best dressed dollies in town.

Jenny said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your doll clothes! And I had no idea Dollar Tree had the mini pails...3/$1? Man, I wish I had known that earlier!

casserole said...

Genius - again!! I love how your mind works! As soon as I can clear off my Christmas sewing, I'm making some socks for my daughter's AG doll.

I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


urbancraft said...

I love how you make clothes for dolls. I think if I practice more on dollies then I can actually maybe get kid's clothing down? Makes me want to have my mom send me my old cabbage patch dolls. Oh, wait, I have a son. Doh! Maybe the ugly dolls could use some pants and hats.

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I love the socks!

Amy said...

We buy clearance socks at Target for crafts so I was able to make some pink/red/silver sparkly socks out of our stash. Thanks!

smoggy6 said...

Very cute, she's a cute doll also. Love the sock and other items you made. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial with us.

thomas morrison said...

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