Monday, December 7, 2009

Fabulous Finds!

I don't make it to the thrift store very often (Thrift stores are PACKED this time of year, anyway!), and yard sale season is seriously OVER. I've been having thrifting withdrawals! So, when it gets really bad I pack up the kids and head out.

Here is an ADORABLE fabric panel I found a little while back. I originally bought it so I could cut out my most favorite parts for my I-Spy collection, but now I'm not so sure I can cut into it! It's just too cute!

Look at those cows!

I love the tigers at the campfire; but maybe not as much as those fishing turtles up in the corner.

And my personal favorite... A cute little nest of chickies!! They are just so sweet!

At a yard sale near the end of the summer I bought a big box of vintage silk scraps. In a recent cleanout I decided I would never use most of them, so I kept a pile of all the red-and-white scraps and let my mom and sisters have at the rest. I must say, there were some really cool vintage prints in there, but it was mostly full of really, Really, REALLY hideous ones!! Secretly I really love the hideous ones, but couldn't think of what I would ever do with silk scraps! Oh, how I wish they were all cottons; it would have made my life complete! (Okay, not really; but I certainly could have actually used them if they had been!)

This is only a small portion of a pair of giant vintage curtains I found at the thrift store. The middle section doesn't do much for me...

...but I absolutely LOVE this print on the super wide ruffle! The ruffle goes all the way across the bottom and up one side of each panel. Oodles of happy fabric!!

And, last but not least, my most recent, most favorite find: Red Riding Hood fabric!! Okay, so it is sewn together very badly to a piece of orange fabric to make a small baby blanket. (At least that's what I assume it is supposed to be!) but there's no batting, no yarn ties, and no quilting -- which means I can easily take it apart!!!

Wolfie just might be my favorite part!

....I think I just might be becoming obsessed with Little Red Riding Hood....
I may or may not have accidentally ordered some Japanese Red Riding Hood fabric this weekend! And some Japanese Red Riding Hood stickers! And maybe I spent at least a good hour looking at everything on etsy that was labeled "red riding hood!"



Lise said...

That Riding Hood fabric is awesome!!!

Lora said...

fantastic vintage finds! i love all of it!

Heather - said...

Cute finds! The Red Riding hood is awesome!! :)

Crissy said...

love that fabric panel and the silk scraps are lovely! thanks so much for stopping by my little space and entering my giveaway!


Karen said...

That fabric panel is adorable - I don't know if I could cut it either!
Little Red is a hit here too - can't get enough of her.

Leslie said...

these are awesome finds!!! i love the little red riding hood fabric

trixi said...

Love your finds.
I know that thrifting withdrawal feeling too well! Lucky for me we have a few shops near by so it never gets too bad.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love thrifting?!! The top fabric is definitely my favourite but I would probably like it so much that I wouldn't dare do anything with it because I'd know I wouldn't find any again! xx

Heidi Lindsay said...

Lol. I just love all of it! I might even like the middle part of that one that you don't like. :D

Happy Girl*Lucky Fella said...

Great finds! I also go through garage sale withdrawl in the winter. But luckily we have a great Salvation Army to get my fix! I love that Red Riding hood fabric too! And that panel is wonderful! I could see a child just wanting to use it as a playmat with little people and animals and things. And now you've got me trying to figure out what to do with all your cool silk scraps! That picture of them just screams Valentines to me. But I imagine sewing silk would not be fun. Oh well, they'd look pretty just stuffed in a nice jar!

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