Thursday, September 17, 2009

Postcard SwappySwap

This week I participated in a fabric postcard swap. Here is what one of mine looked like:

I used the measuring tape left over from this project, along with scrap fabrics, fusible webbing, and silver thread for the pins and needle. I like how they turned out!

It was one of those simple projects you can get done in one short sitting with a great result. If I come across another postcard swap, I will definitely be doing it again!


Marilyn said...

Hi my new friend, I can't find your name on your blog so I'll just say Hi friend.
I am one of the LUCKY ones who got your post card. It just arrived and I must say it is terrific. You did an outstanding job!! You did beautiful precise work!
Thank you for the time you spent to make this wonderful, I really appreciate it.
I also have to say I hope my blog will be one you will want to follow soon--if you want organizing tips and products.
Thank you again! You rock, Marilyn

Andrea Hardman said...

"What do you do with a fabric postcard?" she asked, feeling hopelessly out of the loop. It's super cute, but I don't understand what it is for. And I need to.

Care said...

It's like sending a teeny-tiny quilt in the mail! That's it! It's just fun mail to give and to receive!


Laurie said...

Hi Care,
Received my postcard today! cute, cute, cute
My daughter wants it! It's on my bullentin board board in my sewing room tho! LOL
Thanks so much!