Monday, August 10, 2009

More Dollar Store T-Shirts

I've got lots on my list today, so this will be a quick post....

First of all, I wanted to show you just HOW bad these T-shirts look on me.

Here's the before:

And here's another after:

In this photo I am also sporting the "sleep shorts" I made from a size 3X T-shirt. All I did was cut the legs off some old, seriously decrepit pajama pants to the length I wanted, then cut them apart to make a pattern. I cut town the center front, up the center back, and then at the inseam. One pattern piece! I laid it with the bottom of the pattern on the existing hem of the superhuge shirt, cut it out, and whipped it together. Three seams, plus the waistband, and I was DONE! I actually quite like the fit!

Speaking of sleeping:
I also threw together this nightgown, made from two T-shirts. I did the peasant-style top from my tutorial, then took another shirt and cut it across the chest just below the arms. I chopped the hem off the top shirt, then sewed them together. EASY. It's very comfy, and cute to boot!


Tammy James said...

What an amazing transformation!

Deborah Raymond said...

That's what I need! I have been looking and looking for something comfortable and with sleeves to sleep in. Thanks

Nicole said...

Clever refashioning. Very cute!

Channyne \ˈsha-nən\ said...

This is so great!! I can't stand tee's but find they don't offer a ton of style in my size... and the crew necklines are too constricting... this is perfect!! Very clever, along with all the other fun things I can't get over you've created from your $ store finds. Thanks for sharing!