Friday, August 3, 2012

Lalaloopsy Bunk Bed!

I have to tell you a cute little story!

My kiddos got a little spending money from their grandparents.  When we went to the toy store to have the kids scope things out and try to decide how to spend their money, we ended up starting on the Lego aisle.  Now, usually JellyBean joins in the fun when it comes to Legos.  This time she sort of stood there thinking for a minute, then said, "Mom?  Let's go look at FUN stuff!!"

I told her to show me where the FUN stuff aisle was, and she led me straight to the Lalaloopsies!  I had no idea she had been eyeing them, and was loving them!

Needless to say, we came home with one, whom she affectionately named Tire.  She has beautiful pearly white hair.  She is darling!  I had no idea they were so cute!  Well...  I wanted to get in on the fun too (HOORAY for something fun we can play together!) so we went back a few days later and picked up my pink-haired girl.  My daughter named her Sunday!  :o)

JellyBean got this darling bunkbed from her aunt on her first birthday.  It has been used to sleep many different stuffed friends and dollies, but sadly had never had any mattresses or cute bedding.  (Cringe!)  Finally JellyBean insisted that the Lala girlies have something cute to sleep on.  So it was off to the fabric store!

We found three coordinating prints in two different colors, as well as 1" thick high density foam to make the mattresses.  When I got home and cut the mattresses to size, I discovered there was just enough left over to make pillows -- yay! 

I then made each bed a little matching blanket.  Perfect!

Now Sunday and Tire can sleep in style after their many, many tea parties and snacks on their cute thrifted dolly table!


thegardnerthree said...

CK LOVES her lalaloopsy! I am loving the bunk bed. Do you know where it's from?

Jane said...

This is the cutest thing!! :)

Vivek Sharma said...

The Lalaloopsy bunk bed is shown here. It is a marvelous bed. Have a look at it

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