Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Um.... Hello?


I am still here! I didn't intend to be gone for so long! I'm still alive and kicking, obsessing and sewing! :o) I guess I've had quite a lengthy sabbatical, but I hope to be back around here at least a little bit more often! :o)

I just wanted to share this ridiculous photo... That laundry basket right there contains all the 4" I-Spy squares I've collected over numerous swaps. Hee hee! Should I be embarrassed? Yesterday my sister-in-law and I busted them out and pawed through them, searching for those perfect squares for Christmas projects. It was like greeting an old friend again! Ahhhh, I-Spy.... The box contains uncut fabrics, ready for more swapping, which WILL happen again. :o) Maybe sometime in January/February -- the "doldrum months."

(It's a BIG basket, too!)

Anyhow, I have intended to create a roundup of QUICK and SIMPLE last-minute Christmas gift/stocking stuffer ideas before now, but must delay it a little bit longer! Watch for it in the next few days!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Oh my gosh!! At first glance I thought that was loads of laundry and was thinking, that's just like my house!! But no, what an amazing about of swap sqaures!! Wanna swap laundry baskets? ;)

Amelia's De-ssert said...

Hello, greetings from Malaysia. Amazing swap of squares, all the squares looks so pretty and colorful.
Thanks for sharing all your craft works. I'm following you. Have a nice day.

AddieNCE said...

Hi Care! So glad to see you back in blogging land! I have missed your crafts, ideas and tutorials so badly... and of course I am really really looking forward to your next posts (since I will definitely need to make some last minute Christmas gifts)
Btw: Your tutorial to make an I-Spy quilt using the disappearing nine patch technique made me start swapping as well ;) - but my basket full of squares is WAY smaller than yours...
Greetings from Germany!

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