Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crafterhours' Spoonflower I-Spy Swap Link!

Hey, THANK YOU, everyone for all your fantastic suggestions on yesterday's post! I am feeling so much better about the situation -- and now I have a nice long list of ideas!! :o)


Well it seems it's that time again -- for the Crafterhours Spoonflower I-Spy Swap!
Susan only needs a few more participants to fill up her swap -- so if you are interested, follow the link and check out the guidelines. I participated last year, and it was so much fun. There are so many fantastic fabrics available at Spoonflower!!


Susan Yates said...

Thanks, Care! :)

MommaM said...

Care! You've got me hooked. I'm 20 squares away from making an all black iSpy. When's the next swap?! :-D

Augustina Wofford said...

Hi! I loooooooove your site. When will you be back?

Sue59 said...

Did I miss a new swap?

Lyndsie Miles said...

Ok, I just discovered your blog about a month ago. I LOVE all your creative ideas! I have to say that I am particularly obsessed with all the ideas from the dollar store. We're really tight this year and I am learning to sew by making quite a few of your projects. Thank you!