Friday, August 12, 2011

Final Fabrics for Swap 7-A!

:o) Hoping to hit the post office this afternoon!! :o)

from Susan -- I adore those vintage clocks and the little owlies!

from Robyn -- YAY for cute mermaids and elephants!

from Yours Truly -- I love facepalm kitty and SOCKS! :o)

from Amber -- I love the funny farm animals and the purses!

from Jane -- I adore those sheepies and the two thread prints!

from Ryan -- I love the ants and bees!

from Stacey -- CUTE mice and birds in cages!

from Tamir -- gnomes! and look at that baboon!!

from Toni -- golf carts! and that funny ram!!


Okay Stacey said...

I heart Tamir's gnome print! Very fun!

MommaM said...

I got my fabrics and LOVE them!! For reals - the rain boots and gnomes made my day!

Care...I'm addicted! When's the next swap?! :-D