Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Final Fabrics for Swap 7-B

SWAP B is ready to go!
:o) :o) I'm hitting the post office TODAY! :o) :o)

from Brielle -- Cute monkeys, and I love that giant pencil!

from Cammie -- funny owls and motorcycle riders!

from me :o) -- I couldn't resist the funny monkeys and ants!

from RuthAnn -- I love that guitar print and the money!

from Susan -- LOVE the donuts and knights!

from Allison -- that is the best raspberry print I've seen -- and the watermelons are so cute!

from Aubrey -- great guitars and tennis shoes!

from Catherine -- I love the crossword puzzle print and the pirates!

from Irelle -- GREAT balloons and candy!

from Julie -- More great guitars, and I love the birdies!!


Susan Y said...

Slacker Susan's Swap A set mailed yesterday via Priority Mail. Seriously, please feel free to add "SUSAN Y EXPRESSLY UNINVITED" at the bottom of the next swap posting.

Okay Stacey said...

Lucky B-swappers!

Joanna said...


Jennifer said...

Oh I so need the gingham and ants! Like 1 1/2 yards. Do you know where it came from or what company makes it?

Care said...


I found it at Hobby Lobby! I adore it, too! :o)


Jennifer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!I now have ants and couldn't be happier :-))))))


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