Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Wow. I've had fantastic response to Friday's "discussion" topic. Thank you for all your input, thoughts, ideas, facts, and opinions. I've spent a good long time (a couple times over!) reading and thinking about your comments. I am so grateful to have received so many positive responses.

I'm sorry if I alarmed anyone. A few readers have asked if I am considering quitting. No way! I am definitely not going anywhere!
It was heartening to learn that many of you agree with me, and I will continue to ask that no one profit from my patterns.

In the meantime... I've been busy and happy at work, creating little tiny clothes for my dollies -- and not brooding on intellectual copyright infringement!

Hope to share a project or two later this week! :o)


Danielle and Eric said...

I am new to sewing and blogging, but I just wanted to tell you that I made a set of Angry Birds for my nephew and he LOVES them. We were on vacation last week and he carried the red and yellow bird with him everywhere. Thank you for posting the pattern. We had a lot of fun playing our own live action game. Love your blog and and your projects!

Crystal Hendrix said...

I am soo glad that you will continue to create and share!! I was telling my hubby about you and what had been happening and he was bumbed for you too!

Although after reading it and thinking about it, I have started....(with about 6 so far) when I find a quilt that I like or a project, when I save the picture of it...to use a reference, I put the person who made it and the name of their blog as the name of the file!! That way I won't forget who the person is, so I can give credit to the right person!! :D So thanks for opening my eyes.

I think we all get lazy and comfortable and do something little once and then it becomes easier to do it again until it just gets out of hand! :D

Dacia said...

Have you thought about putting a watermark on your pictures? Maybe a disclaimer? It stinks that someone would use your pattern and pictures as their own. I really love your work and appreciate the time and effort that you go into posting it for us. Thank you!

Eileen Cox said...

I've worked in the past for toy companies who take intellectual copyright infringement issues QUITE seriously, and have watched as they go after "the little guy" with a squadron of lawyers. It is a sad state of affairs when someone posts a photo, an idea, a project, a tutorial, or other item without giving proper credit, or worse yet, claiming it as their own. Having said that, though, I'm wondering how the Angry Bird game developers would feel about your using their characters' images to make products that you are selling? I sure hope that they wouldn't be as vindictive as some companies that I've worked for in the past!

Cassandra {Sleeping or Sewing} said...

There were two blogs today that complained about other sites selling their free patterns. The sights have now been taken down. Including another site who also complained about copying issues a few days after your post... that other site (the copying site) has also been taken down.

The sights that you have seen taking credit for creations you made have you reported them to blogspot/blogger (if the site is a blogspot user)? I've noticed at the top of the blogspot screen there is a link to report abuse, which includes copyright issues.

Love all your creations. I look forward to your post.