Friday, April 23, 2010

1st Quilt Ever -- FLICKR GROUP!

I'm thrilled that there is at least a small handful of people following along to make their own
1st Quilt Ever!!
Won't it be even MORE fun for everyone to show off their fabric selections, progress, and finished quilts in one place??
And even post discussions and help each other out with questions?

I've created a Flickr group!!

When everyone has completed their quilts I will (with permission) host a
"1st Quilt Ever" Quilt Show
here on my blog!

I am so excited to have people following along and making their own quilts!!

Click here to join the Flickr group!


Kris @ said...

LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! Can't wait until i am at the point where i can share!!

I was at JoAnn Fabrics today buying the cutting mat, ruler and batting (on sale, thanks for the tip!) I was looking at fabrics but i am now feeling overwhelmed.

Can you mix fabric textures like the soft fleece and the quilting fabric, or would that be a disaster?

Denise said...

Joined Flickr and posted my pic. I think I'm going to freak out when I have to cut the blocks...

Garilyn S said...

Joined Flickr and posted a pic of the squares cut out. I'm getting ready to sew them into the nine patches.

rhinsey said...

I have some catching up to do as well Kris. I am going to joanns tomorrow with a handfull of coupons and a gift card. Can't wait to see everyone's quilts!!!

Care said...


I would strongly recommend that you stick to quilt-weight cottons. Most of the "soft and fuzzy" variety of fabrics are also a bit stretchy -- which means they will behave (or MISbehave!) quite differently than the regular cottons. Also, they are much heavier than regular quilt cottons, which makes for bulky seams.

I think you'll be much happier with the process if you stick with cottons! :o)

Susan said...

I love the flickr group! It's so fun! And so many fun fabric choices already posted!!

I agree with Care on the fabric mixing, except you should try it eventually because you can get some fun results. It is a bit of a pain though like she said though.

Anonymous said...

Wow you girls are just moving right along! Care you have done a great job hosting this quilt along. I am looking forward to the quilt show to see all the beautiful finished quilts!

Su said...

Care, what a lot of work you've done here! I'm keeping your tutorials in mind because I think I am dreaming of a quilt of my master bedroom.

Yes, I'm actually think of making a quilt, but it's still in the dreaming stages.

Kris @ said...

Care, Thanks so much for the advice, and your post today really made me have a vision for how it goes together, i think i can now pick fabrics with confidence!!

Chatter said...

I just linked to your blog and I've been searching for quilts for my boys' room. And I'm hoping to follow along with these and gain enough confidence to do this on my own! Thanks for taking the time to share this with your readers! I've saved your blog and hope to return soon :).

The Mommy People said...

What timing! I just found out about your blog and have also just made my first quilt top! I would love to participate in your 1st ever quilt show!!

You have a great site and it's people like you who with make the world such a better place by taking out time to write tutorials and teach people like us. Thank you for doing this.

~ Satrangi.