Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st Quilt Ever -- BATTING

I have neglected to mention that for your quilt you will need a "crib size" (45"x60") batting. Packaged batting is on sale at JoAnn's for 40% off through April 24th -- only a few more days -- so I figured I'd better talk about batting now so you have a chance to hit the sale!

Let's quickly talk about batting choices. Many people, when making their first quilt, imagine a super thick, fluffy blanket -- more like a comforter -- and end up purchasing the thickest, fluffiest batting they can find. Don't do it! You are looking for a low-loft (thin) batting -- 1/4" "loft height" or less. (You can find the loft height on the packaging.) If you try a super thick batting you will get yourself into trouble on the quilting -- it just isn't going to work!

**Let's talk fiber content**
Most quilters prefer a 100% cotton batting. There are also 100% polyester battings and 100% wool battings, and even 100% bamboo battings.

I have used cotton, polyester, and cotton/polyester blends in my quilts. I have not tried wool or bamboo -- I feel that wool would be way too warm, and bamboo is about twice the cost of the cotton and polyester battings.

My current preference? I like the cotton, but in a finished quilt I honestly prefer the texture and weight of an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend. JoAnns carries a brand I am happy with at a decent price -- and since it is at JoAnn's I can either get it on sale or use my 40% off mailer coupon. Score!

We won't need batting until a few more steps down the road, but now may be a good time to pick yours up!


Susan said...

Oh Yes! Definately go cotton! It feels so much nicer and is so much warmer!

Darling Petunia said...

I was actually researching this very thing in my Jo-Ann's sale papers this morning! Wanted to make sure I didn't miss a sale. Too funny!

Megan said...

Oh POO!!! I was just there yesterday and didn't even think about batting. I went for some elastic thread and of course they didn't have any. We have the worst Jo-Ann's here. What is the batting you recommend so I will know what to look for.
I've got my squares all sewn and sorted--
waiting for the next step--YEAH!!!

Denise said...

I got my batting when you first said you were doing this. And I actually got the right size Yeah!

Anyone who is interested can check out my blog. I have posted pics of the material colors I am using. Very retro...Love it!

Anonymous said...

In making the quilt top, why is it, quilters only use 100% cotton? How come they never use polyester or a polyester/cotton blend as the quilt pieces?

Miss Muffin said...

Uh, I wish we would have a Joanns overhere. DARN!