Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Gifts -- Given!

Over the weekend we had our family Christmas party. This year I was supposed to get a gift for my brother.

Back in the day, when we were little, my brother and I used to play Guess Who together. Oh how we loved that game! It was endless hours of fun. Well, in the October issue of Family Fun Magazine there was a quick blurb about customizing a Guess Who game with photos. GREAT IDEA! I decided to take it a step further and draw my people -- my entire family! I think drawings work better because you can really tell eye color, hair color, etc. and nothing is left to "interpretation." But then, since it's family, you can also use facts you know about the person, such as, "Does your person live in the same state as me?"

Anyway, here's what I came up with:

Perhaps everyone looks slightly psychotic with their giant eyes and tiny pupils, but at least you can tell what color their eyes are! :o)

I drew each picture by hand, then scanned them into Photoshop and colored them there. I printed them out on full sheet "sticker project paper," which is like a giant 8 1/2" x 11" sticker label. I then printed two full pages of question marks on each of two different colors cardstock. I peeled and stuck my sheet of sticker people onto the opposite side of the question marks, cut them out, and stuck them into the game! Then I made larger-sized versions of the cards for the "deck," from which you draw a card to determine who you are in the game, and stuck them onto another color of cardstock with question marks on the back. Done!

Here's what the backs of my cards look like.

The funny thing? My brother and his wife used the same idea to make a Guess Who game for my sister for Christmas! Ha ha ha!! He added shirts and a few pets to add another dimension. Shirt color would be another good question to ask about in the game!

Then, of course, I made some more Black Apple Dolls for two of my nieces!
Love those stripey tights!

And, of course, skirts once again!

Is it legal to have this much fun??


Crystal Hendrix said...

I love the guess who!! That game would be GREAT for my boys!!

Greg and Nancy said...

That "Guess Who" game is so cute!! Maybe I'll give it a shot next year. Thanks!

Shannan said...

"I just drew the pictures and scanned them and printed them and cut them out and made some dolls and saved the world."
All in a days work at Care's house!!! We had fun with the boys last night. Since we probably won't see you...Merry Christmas!

Leslie said...

these are the sweetest little dolls

Jen said...

I'm amazed at how many people are in your family :) My family is so tiny that game would be over in about a half a second!

Very cute project! Are you going to show us what else you made this Christmas????

Tara said...

Do you embroider your dollie faces before sewing them together?

Care said...


I embroider them last! It's easier to tell where I want to place the features!

Tara said...

That you so much for your response! I think the embroidered faces are so much more special! I looked at a close-up of your little faces and am so impressed... do you hide the starting knot over in their hair or something? Again... thanks for your time : )

Heather - said...

The guess who game is super fun! We played the 60s version of the game (Lie Detector) when I was a kid - my grandma had it at her house.

Heidi Lindsay said...

Care, you're so flippin' awesome! I love your Guess Who game! Have a great Christmas! It was so wonderful to see you!

Care said...


I don't tie a knot at the beginning -- I thread it like they do in this post: Then, when I am done with the face, I sink the needle in and pop it out somewhere it won't be seen (like the seam between the head and shoulder) and tie a knot, then bury the knot and clip. I hope that makes sense! :o)

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