Sunday, December 20, 2009

Abandoning Tradition

Every year for the past 10+ years, I make English Toffee around Christmastime. Every year for the past 5+ years (with the exception of ONCE), it fails. Last year I had it down to a science. I researched the topic for HOURS before I felt I was armed with enough information to do it right. And, amazingly enough, it turned out BEAUTIFULLY and CRUNCHY and SO DELICIOUS. Then I made it exactly the same the next week. Fail. I was determined for it to work. Did it again and again. Fail.

This year I decided it was going to WORK, and dove right in.

The flavor? Fantastic! (Can't go wrong with butter and sugar!)
The texture? Nastastic!!

Every year I say I'm never going to do it again. I think this time I mean it.

Anyone know where to buy some REALLY GOOD TOFFEE?


Crystal Hendrix said...

I completely know how you feel!!! That is me!! I always ALWAYS failed on mine and had no clue what I was doing wrong! What I realized is that when I started cooking it, I started on too high of a heat!!! So that made it seperate at the end. I found this site... and I tried it and failed, then I had my husband make it because I had just given up....and it turned out perfect!! That is when we realized that it was the temp at the beginning. So start LOW when you melt the butter and the sugar dissolves then you can turn it up. Also Make sure you test your boiling point temp. Water boils at 212 degrees Farinteit (sp) so test it, and then add or subtract final degrees. That's all my secrets. We just made some yesturday. OHH and if it is too humid outside it will be VERY hard. So wait for a dryer day. :D Good luck! Make sure you post when you get it right!

Crystal Hendrix said...

Sorry gave you the wrong link!!!

There ya go!

Gorby family blog said...

I agree with Crystal...start on a low temp. And I can never do it right without a candy thermometer. Made mine from the same recipe yesterday and it turned out to be really yummy!

Heather - said...

mm, I want to make some English Toffee! Thanks for the link, Crystal! I like those instructions.

And if you give up this year, Care, try buying Almond Roca at Costco.

Blue Sunday said...

OH MY GOD! I thought it was just me?! I've tried the whole toffee thing countless times. Always tastes great but comes out a sticky, gooey mess!