Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monkey Jammies!!

I am still working on my sock monkeys for Craft Hope's 4th project. I spent an hour-ish this afternoon drafting and perfecting my sock monkey pajama pants pattern. I must say, I love how these turned out:

Look at those long, skinny legs! Hee hee!

Ah, Miss Diva Monkey is no longer nude! At least, not on her lower half.... Does the polka dot placement on her front look -- ahem -- unfortunate? Does she need a shirt?

Bonus: Her pants are a tail-friendly design!


Tammy said...

Oh so cute! A top would be sweet, but not entirely necessary IMO. I love the tail opening!

Ashley said...

Before I read the description I thought these for some freakishly tall person!!!! So cute!