Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thrifted Hideosity into Cute Skirt!

I don't know if "hideosity" is an actual word, but it fits the bill in this case!

I found this monstrosity a couple weeks ago at a thrift store 99 cent sale. It's a women's size 18 and looks like it came straight out of the 80's. Luckily for whoever owned it, it also looks like it was never worn.

It was lined, so after removing the pink portion from the denim and cutting it in half I attatched the top of the lower section's lining to the bottom of the upper section's lining. It was a little tricky to deal with the side seam, but it did work. Then I took some cute heart quilting fabric that matched just right and made an elastic waistband casing.

Here it is in its new life as a two-tiered skirt for my 6-year-old niece! Her two requirements for dresses/skirts are: 1) it must be a girl color, and 2) it must be "twirly."

Perfection! And not too shabby for 99 cents!!


craft chica said...

hideosity= that thing above. It should be a word now! Great job refashioning that!

Anonymous said...

What caught my attention was the phrase "woman's size 18". What grown woman in her right mind would cover her plus sized rear with pink ruffles?? The mind picture is definately a hideosity.

The finished skirt is darling, and much better suited to a little girl.

Linda said...

I'm glad you could see such beauty beyond that original skirt. @_@ The after is much, much prettier! I will have to try and remember this on my next thrift store trip.