Friday, July 3, 2009

Refashions Galore!!

I haven't done this much sewing in one day in AGES! And yet I still haven't had enough!!

First up: Independence Day shirts for the boys.

Two red shirts, two old, VERY DEAD flag shirts, a printout of "USA" in a font I liked, and a disappearing ink marker.

I cut out the centers of the letters, then using the outline of the letters, I traced them onto the flag part of a VERY DEAD shirt. (I used the outline so I could see my placement.)

I straight-stitched around the letters, then cut away the excess.

Ta-Da!! From very boring red shirts and VERY DEAD old shirts, to new Independence Day shirts for the boys!!

Next up: A skirt and onesie for JellyBean.

I was very inspired by Ashley's 4th of July refashion for her daughter over at Lil Blue Boo, and made JellyBean a new outfit using some of the same methods.

First I cut around the rhinestone flag from a years-past shirt of my own and appliqued it onto a onesie.

Then I used only the sleeves of this DOLLAR STORE shirt to make the skirt. (I already had plans for the rest of the shirt!)

As I was looking for my scissors in my sewing drawer I found a little scrap of ribbon perfect for a faux tie on the skirt!

Since the skirt is so short, I couldn't resist using one of the sleeve scraps to put a little message on JellyBean's cute little bum!

Next up: ME, at last!!

I took these thrift store pants with a GIANT hem, and....

...made myself some capris!! Being the lil' shortie that I am, I have a hard time finding capris that don't look like ridiculously short pants on me. I just whacked off the legs, then chopped off the hem and reattached it. I also created little vents on the sides for interest. I've been wearing them all day, hot off the sewing machine!

....I've already got plants for the rest of the legs....

Then, since the onesie-skirt combo wasn't quiiiiiite girly enough for me...

...I made a sundress, too! I added a ruffle this time. It is absolutely ADORABLE on my little JellyBean!!!

Well, I have guests coming in ten minutes. Guess I'd better use those ten minutes to get ready for them!


Vicki said...

Cute stuff! I love the jeans, I'll have to try that idea. I'm here from the cluck cluck sew link fest, I really like your site!

mckay said...

Now I really am jealous and want to learn to sew...I love the capris! They are really cute!

Allison said...

LOVE the capris redo! That is such a good idea! Especially since I'm tall and I can't ever find thrift jeans long enough, I could just cut them off! Great idea! Thanks for stopping by and adding your link! -Allison