Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dish Towel Aprons for Kids! -- TUTORIAL

I have been on the lookout for dish towels to make into aprons for my boys, and last week I finally found some cute ones:
The towels were quite large -- 18"x28" -- so there was plenty of space to cut out all the parts.

This is how I cut them into apron parts.

I folded the side straps into thirds, encasing the raw edge inside, and topstitched around the two long sides and one short side.

For the neck strap I pieced the two parts end-to-end, folded it with the "right" side of the fabric on the inside, and sewed along the long edge and one short edge. I then turned it and topstitched all the way around.

Here are all the parts.
I cut the pocket piece to size, created a skinny little "loop" piece (about 5/8" wide and 2 1/2" long finished), and serged around the raw edges of the main apron piece and the pocket.

I simply turned the serged edges about 3/8" and stitched around.
(I love you, serger! I really didn't want to roll all those edges!!)

Attach all the side straps in the right places, and turn under the edges of the pocket and sew it on.

This is where the loop piece and neck strap go, so that the neck strap is adjustable. Of course it could be done the traditional way as well...

...but if you do a handy little loop, adjusting the neck strap is oh-so-easy with the quick tie of a half-knot!


Here's Mr. S. in his carrot apron...

Buzz in his pea apron, and... cute niece in her TURNIP apron.
(I love the turnips!!)

Now I am thinking with how large these dish towels are, I might just go pick up a red radish dish towel and make myself a half apron!!


lfhcreative said...

These turned out great! I am going to have to go hunt down some fun dish towels right NOW. Thanks for sharing!

Aaron and Lisa said...

Love this blog! I have missed seeing all of your ideas. Just looking gets my creative juices bubbling! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Great Blog; however, can you give me a better idea of the size of the pieces you cut from the dish towel. Thanks!