Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Top Week at MadeByRae

I was so excited to participate in Spring Top Week over at Made by Rae, and my incredibly reliable internet kicked the bucket this afternoon. Grrr!! But I will show you my tops anyway!

Here is mine...
It was a make-it-up-as-you-go project. I wrapped the fabric around me to see if the 45" wide would work, and it seemed to be fine. I used my new serger (yay!) to creat a rolled hem at the top and bottom, and sewed rows and rows with my elastic thread. I created straps, placed them accordingly, stitched them on, and VOILA! I did end up going back and turning under the top and bottom about 1/8" and finishing off the hem. I really love how it turned out -- It's nice for hiding a few of those post-pregnancy pounds..... It doesn't make me look pregnant, does it?

I couldn't resist making one for JellyBean!

Love it, love it! Did I mention that elastic thread is my new favorite obsession?


Rae said...

So cute, and your jellybean is adorable in her top too! I'm so sorry you missed it this time; maybe next time? I'm not sure about Summer Top Week as I will be post-partum and probably a little busy, but maybe late-summer or fall???

Courtney said...

You are officially my idol. I love your top and your jellybeans too. They are so adorable! I wish I lived by you and you could teach me some of your crafty sewing skills or I could pay you to make me a new wardrobe.
I also love all of the dresses and quilts you've made over the past few months. Thanks for posting the link to this blog. I love it!