Monday, March 30, 2009

More Tiny Clothes!

About a month ago, after searching everywhere for either some brown corduroy fabric or some tiny brown corduroy pants, I gave up. I found a pair of boys' 4T cords on clearance for $3 and planned to take them apart and remake them into tiny pants.

Well today the day finally came! I picked off the cargo pockets and cut them apart, and made these:

I'm pretty happy with them. I like the rick-rack and ruffles at the bottom. Wish I could have made some pockets or something, too, but the remaining bits were just shreds and giant cargo pockets! I wish they were a bit more "shapely," too, but -- without my model I just can't tell! *HINT-HINT, BABY!!!!!*

I started this dress a couple weeks ago, and finally finished it on Saturday! I was testing out the pattern from Made by Rae with fabric I wasn't necessarily super-in-love with. But as it turns out, once I got the whole thing together, I absolutely LOVE it!

Again, rick-rack. Love it. And I especially love the little rick-rack & button flower!

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