Friday, August 17, 2012

Sewing Room Reorganization, Part I

I've been working (and reworking) my sewing room for ages.  I've had a vision for a long time, and I am finally achieving the look and the level of organization I want!  Today I wanted to show you a few of the more aesthetic areas of the room -- and soon I will share more of the storage solutions.

My display shelf has moved and evolved.  I love tiny things...  which you already know!...  but I also love oversized objects!  Here I have the collage I made ages ago, some favorite vintage sewing books, two vintage mini sewing machines, huge clothespins, scissors and pincushion, and my little set of spool dolls made by my dear friend mitch.  (She has an etsy shop!)

I recently purchased an EXPEDIT shelf from Ikea -- the biggest one! -- and this display is up on top of it.

Speaking of my Expedit shelf...  Those little cube shapes are perfect for dolly bedrooms/display rooms!  :oD  Obviously they are still a work in progress, but I am liking them so far!

This view doesn't look like much... up above is the 4" picture ledge I've had up there for ages. Down below I used to have a vintage-style clock, which has since bit the dust -- but since there was still a nail, I stuck this little green bench up there. It's the perfect spot for my little Takara petites! I don't think it is a permanent solution, but it's making me happy right now!

I always have lots of little photos, drawings, business cards, Moo cards, snippets, etc. that I enjoy keeping for memories' sake.  I decided to take some poster tack and start arranging them around my closet doors.  I really love the organic shape it is taking...  and I am constantly adding more goodies!


Stone Cottage Adventures said...

I love how you've made it all your own! 'So important to incorporate what makes us smile! Thank you for the inspiration. My craft room needs some serious attention! -Marci

Jane said...

Is there anything as satisfying as having your creative space organized?? :)

Blogger said...

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