Monday, April 30, 2012

Brought to you by the Letter X

My son's preschool class has a cooking project once a week on Mondays.  It is always related to the letter they are learning, and moms rotate through being in charge each week.  This week it was my turn, and you'll never guess the SUPER easy letter I was assigned.... X!

Well, I'm always up for a challenge, anyway!

My youngest and I wandered through the aisles of the grocery store this morning, looking for something suitable for Letter X.  Here is what we found:

And what on earth did we make with all that??

Here it is!
An X-Ray Cookie!! 
I let each student decide whether their x-ray would have a broken bone or a healthy bone.  You'll never guess what the majority of the kids chose...  yep, broken!

These would also be fun treats to cheer up a child who has just broken a bone and gotten a cast -- or to celebrate cast removal!


Ebeth said...

So cute! (I'm totally confused by Scooby snacks being for people but I love this idea :)

Care said...


I totally hear ya on that one! My daughter was looking at the box in the store and said, "These are for DOGS." :oD

gale said...

What a cute idea! My dd actually does have a broken arm right now but they put metal plates in it and she never got a cast. She feels slightly cheated that no one can sign it but I told her she is better off without a heavy itchy cast.

Susan Yates said...

K will love this!

Michelle Corey said...

Clever. I would have ended up with X or Z or some other crazy hard letter, too. That's just my luck. Although I guess Z would be zucchini something or other. (Missed you, Care.)

Angela Nash said...

Most awesome idea ever.

TamTam said...


Kate Brown said...

Very creative! Not sure if I could have come up with a thing ;)