Friday, October 14, 2011

On Hand By Hand -- guest and giveaway!

My lovely and talented sister-in-law Sarah is here today to tell you about her adorable etsy shop, On Hand by Hand -- and to tell you about a giveaway she is having!!

Here she is....

I'm Sarah. I am 24 and the wife of a wonderfully supportive and incredibly good looking man. I'm also the mommy/nanny/slave to a little black cocker spaniel and a freckly cocker/aussie mix. About a year and a half ago, my husband got accepted to PA school and we relocated to California. After living in CA for a few months, I discovered that this place just wasn't going to let me work a day job, so I started up my etsy shop, On Hand By Hand. It started very small and I just used some basic patterns and techniques. It's been almost a year now and I've been able to branch out a little and create my own patterns and styles, from muppets to finger puppets to marionettes. It's loads of fun and I'm so excited to see my business grow!

I recently participated in my first craft fair and I hope to do many many more in the future. I absolutely love being able to see people light up when they see my puppets in person. How can you not smile when you see a puppet? I truly believe that these creations can be loved and valued by anyone and everyone, regardless of age and status. As the great Jim Henson said, "The most sophisticated people I know -- inside they are all children."

As a little promotion for my shop and Facebook page, I'm having a puppet giveaway! From now till October 18th, you can enter to win one of my creations. All you have to do is follow these three steps:

1: Go to
my Facebook page and become a fan
2: Share my page with at least 5 of your friends

3: Leave a comment on THIS FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY POST telling me which is your favorite puppet and why.

That's it! I'll randomly pick the winner from the comments on October 19th and message the winner for contact info.
If these puppets don't make you smile, I'll give you $1.00. Well, probably not, but I bet you'll smile anyway! Happy Puppeting!

I hope you'll head over and enter! Check out her shop and Facebook page to see more of her puppets -- my favorite are the DRAGONS! :o)


Judy said...

I just love these !

Judy said...

So talented !

ratty said...

i love the little feather headed hand puppets, they remind me of Fraggles! my kids and i loved Fraggles :)
i have friended and shared, too :)

Shari said...

Yes your puppets did make me smile. :) They also made me thing (again) at what a loss it was that Jim Henson died so young. We're big Muppets fans here and are looking forward to the new movie coming out at Thanksgiving.

Enjoy that CA weather. We relocated from Northern CA to NJ 3.5 years ago and boy do I miss that beautiful weather.